Frequently Asked Questions

Where do the films play?

We have moved online for our October 2020 festival!

Our new fancy, schmancy online platform for viewing films is called Cya.Live. You will need to set up a free account to view our films come festival time.

It is super simple.

We have included some basic set up instructions and a short tour of the space that you can check out here. Cya.Live Sign Up and Tour.pdf

Our new online viewing platform has some pretty slick functionality too. Once the show starts, you will get a live broadcasted introduction to the screening by one of our wonderful hosts, the film will run and once it is done, then it is back to live broadcasting to either close out the screening or to have you meet some of the filmmakers and our speakers in a Q&A session. To get a feel for what you will be experiencing, check out this Cya.Live video.

I don’t live in Calgary; can I watch the screenings?

Yes, Yes, Yes!
Welcome to audience members joining us
from Alberta, Canada and World-wide!

We have negotiated with our filmmakers and distributors on the geo-blocking (technology that restricts access to internet content based on geographical location used in the film industry primarily for copyright and licencing) of the films and each screening has its own setting. If you check out the Schedule page or the individual film pages on our website, it will indicate the geo-blocking area. And even on Showpass, it will be right at the top of the event description.

Each screening will be geo-blocked to either Alberta or Canada or World-wide.

Please double check the geo-blocking before you finalize your purchase.

How can I get to the venue?

We suggest you find the easiest route from your kitchen to your living/rec room cause you are watching in the comfort of your home!

Viewing from home is all about the five senses so set the stage for a great viewing experience.

The screen is the most important thing – whether it is big or small! If you don't have one, you can't watch the films. The main thing is the lighting around your viewing area. If the room has windows, consider black-out curtains or hanging a heavy blanket. Remove all reflections as best you can.

There is nothing worse than not knowing what is going on. If you are on a computer or tablet make sure you have some good headphones or earbuds ready to go. If you are watching on a TV, test your volume. How close is your laundry room? Maybe hold off on the laundry during showtime. Boisterous dog or hungry cat? Make sure they have been fed and the dog’s been out for a pee before showtime.

How is your seating arrangement set up? Shuffle that La-z-boy recliner
into its optimal viewing position. Grab yourself some pillows. Make sure you
remember your favorite blanket to snuggle into since it will be the end of October.

It's all about the popcorn! Even if you don't want to eat it, just having the
aroma in your viewing space will get you into the right mood. Always under-cook your popcorn. Burnt popcorn smell just doesn't work!

Make sure you have your favorite movie treats handy. If purchased a few
days earlier, hide them! At least that is what we have to do. You don't want anyone partaking early, and leaving your snack bucket empty. How about ordering in? Since you are at home you can bring in whatever you want to your personal theater.

Half of the fun is the anticipation build up while you are getting ready.

Where can I purchase tickets and passes?

Tickets go on sale on September 21.

We don’t have passes for this year’s festival – just good ol’ tickets. They are available via Showpass which you can get to by going to either the Schedule or the Tickets webpage on our website.

Click on the Buy Tickets button and the Showpass window will open in front of our website.

Security: Once the Showpass pop-up window is open, you are in Showpass’ website and your personal information is secure and protected.

Don’t have a Showpass Account?
You will need to set one up and it is easy. Just start the ticket purchase process and prior to entering your payment method, the software will give you the option to either sign in (if you have an account) or create an account (if you don’t already have one).

How much does it cost to attend the festival?

We have 2 types of screenings:

ReCast Screenings: Meant to re-cast the image of aging, are our short film series screenings.
General Admission: $7.50
Seniors (60+): $5.00

Marquee Screenings: Meant as pure entertainment and are full length feature films.
General Admission: $10.00
Seniors (60+): $7.50

We have reduced our regular ticket prices by 50% for our online festival this year. Everyone is busy adapting and we all need a break, so this is us paying it forward to you.

Please note that as in past years, there are additional fees that
cover the ticketing and payment processing platform costs.

How long are the screenings?

We endeavour to schedule the screenings to be about 1.5-2 hours in length. This may include speakers or panel discussions. You then have approximately a one hour break before our next screening to refill your drink, grab more treats and visit the facilities.

Can I watch the film again after the screening?

Afraid not. We made the decision to try to recreate the feel of our in-person festival, so you need to be settled in and ready to go at the start time on your ticket.

Our new online viewing platform has some pretty slick functionality. So, once the show starts, you will get a live broadcast introduction to the screening by one of our volunteers, the film will run and once it is done, then it is back to live broadcasting to either close out the screening or to have you meet some of the filmmakers and our speakers in a Q&A session. To get a feel for what you will be experiencing, check our this Cya.Live video.

How are you making the festival accessible?

We have you covered!

In 2020, all our films will be either subtitled or closed captioned. If the closed captions are not on when the film starts, hover near the bottom of the film and a tool bar should come up with a “CC” button in it. Just click on that button and the closed captioning should turn on.

We are also working on making American Sign Language (ASL) Interpretation of the film introductions and Q&A sessions accessible upon request. If you require an ASL interpretation, please contact the office at

Where do I get a program guide?

All information about our films will be available exclusively online on our website. If you prefer printed information, you will be able to download a PDF that you can print at home. It will be made available on our homepage as of September 21, 2020.