We offer a full menu of sponsorship options. Depending on the goals and budget that your organization has, we are more than happy to discuss customized solutions for sponsorship. We are flexible in our approach and are ultimately looking to forge relationships with reputable companies in the community who share similar values with us.


Some of the many benefits of being associated with our film festival:

  • The only film festival in Canada targeted at the 45+ demographic
  • Fighting ageism - helping to redefine what an older adult looks like and end the discrimination against our future selves
  • Enabling Baby Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials to envision and prepare for their third act and to broach the taboo conversations
  • A more sophisticated / educated consumer is a more engaged consumer of your goods and services
  • Brand recognition through potential name / logo on our publicity material, brochures, website, press releases, media announcements, etc, which serves to guarantee a wider recognition of the sponsors roll as a caring corporate citizen that is interested in not only their own business but the overall issues of older adults


THIRD ACTion Film Festival's intention is to entertain and engage audiences to create a remarkable experience. We value the way visual stories are shared and experienced and how our world perspective can be enriched and expanded by a shared cinematic experience.

THIRD ACTion Film Festival believes in developing strong partnerships that further our ability to play an important role in making an age-positive culture shift in Calgary and hopefully, across our province and nation.

We will deliver measurable impact, connectivity and relevance as an outstanding event.

For more information on sponsoring or advertising with us, contact:

Patricia Tuckey


Mitzi Murray